A Keyhole In The Sky

Joseph W. Robertshaw

The light pokes through a keyhole in the sky
To show us what we think we know is really a lie.
Many say the end has finally come,
But I can’t help but ask where the light comes from.
And if I might return there with it someday,
Perhaps if I am good and don’t bother anybody that much. 

Star fall and light rage for night has come to call.
Surely soon we must die but what if this isn’t death at all?
Not destruction but a concerned parent peering through the bedroom door, As we lay sick and dying, they pace the hallway floor,
And we are rocking gently in the embrace of mother earth, 

Waiting for the fever to pass and those soothing promises to become truth. 

Spark by Michael Marshall Smith

My name is Joseph Robertshaw. I like poetry and prose and try to write both. I was asked to leave my high school English class and my high school but all these years later, I have just written a fantasy book. I have dropped out of high school and have earned two master’s degrees. I have taught cooking, safety, customer service and now, for the past five years, First Year Composition. I am a husband and a father and, in my life, I have killed turkeys, cooked chickens, thrown crabs, siphoned salmon. I have been a stay at home navy spouse. I have sailed the Bering Sea and rolled through Europe on the rails. I currently live in Ohio and I expect to earn a PhD in Rhetoric and Writing in 2018. 

A Keyhole In The Sky is Copyright © Joseph Robertshaw 2015