Someone once asked Thomas Berger why writers write. His answer was: “Because it isn’t there.” 

The question writers most often get asked is "Where do you get your ideas?" And none of them have anything other than polite or facetious non-answers, because the truth is... they don't know. Something sparks you when out walking, or in line in Starbucks, or hunting for capers in Safeway. Something in the world that kindles a fire in the mind — a fire that won't go out.

This site started because I'd put up endless pictures on Instagram, and some caused people to react with words. This site features examples, things that weren't previously there. If you'd like to play... The most recent images from my Insta are below, and they pop up on Twitter. Use the Submit page — with the picture you've responded to and what you've come up with, your flame... be it a simple caption, a poem or short (or long) story, a Köln Concert-style tonal meditation, or a free-form improvisational dance. BiiT me. 

And yes please submit some sparks of your own... That's what I'm hoping for, and we've now got both picture sparks and musical ones too. Untapped creativity is one of the world's great natural resources, and everyone needs a spark. Be that spark. Submit a picture, or a gallery of your art, a scrap of music you've composed... And don't be shy. An artist doesn't create perfect things. An artist is someone who's prepared to keep producing imperfect things day after day, in the hope that someone, somewhere, might like them.

Please spread the word. And Like, and comment positively, too. Finding the stuff that isn't there is a solitary and vulnerable business, prey to insecurity and doubt. It's nice to know when people have enjoyed what you've done. I have plans for a Sinister Phase 2 of this site, making spark contribution easier, and an Even More Sinister Phase 3, but they'll have to wait until I can get a venture capitalist drunk enough. 

Finally, I know we're all supposed to be terribly modern about copyright these days... but these people made these things. They belong to them. Don't reproduce without permission. Or I'll come visiting. And you don't want that.