Ours Not To Reason Why

Kate Chandler

Communicating how I feel
Would mean admitting it as real.
If anger, sadness, hurt and dread
Were really what were in my head
Then surely I could reason why?
But no; I simply sit and sigh
And wait for time to drive away
The latent source of my dismay.

Tomorrow — by the break of dawn —
The chances are I’ll be reborn.
Recalling how I feel right now
Will leave me with a furrowed brow
If I attempt to reason why.
For ponder it until I die,
I'll never know why I was low
And so, I guess, I'll let it go.

Spark by Michael Marshall Smith

Spark by Michael Marshall Smith

In 2011, Kate Chandler turned in her badge and scanner gun, leaving an eleven-year career in librarianship to become a Mother and Armchair Philosopher-Psychologist.  She enjoys observing, pondering, analysing, writing and curating interesting web links and aesthetically pleasing pieces of art, and sometimes manages to bring these things together to create something that she deems worthy of sharing.  UK born and bred, she moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2005, thence to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, where she currently resides in the sleepy seaside town of Sechelt with her husband and four-year-old daughter. http://kchandler.wordpress.com/ 

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