In The Silver Light

Joseph W. Robertshaw

In the silver light we walk alone together
And meet to talk in any weather

My body thinks that I should be in bed 
Still I come to drink your thoughts instead 

Late into the night your words transport 
Until morning beams come to report

Eyes cannot close when magic words engage
I should leave you now but still I turn the page.

In the moonlight
of the darkest night
my vision seems most clear
In soulless forest deep
your faithful company I keep 
and that’s what draws me near.

Spark by Michael Marshall Smith

My name is Joseph Robertshaw. I like poetry and prose and try to write both. I was asked to leave my high school English class and my high school but all these years later, I have just written a fantasy book. I have dropped out of high school and have earned two master’s degrees. I have taught cooking, safety, customer service and now, for the past five years, First Year Composition. I am a husband and a father and, in my life, I have killed turkeys, cooked chickens, thrown crabs, siphoned salmon. I have been a stay at home navy spouse. I have sailed the Bering Sea and rolled through Europe on the rails. I currently live in Ohio and I expect to earn a PhD in Rhetoric and Writing in 2018. 

In The Silver Light is Copyright © Joseph Robertshaw 2015