The Road

by Eygló

The mountains are dark,
the peaks smooth and impossible,

They surround me on my journey,
I see rivers, 
and floods,
and the waves of an ocean crashing violently on the shore,
colliding with the rocks
and my conscious mind.

The desert is dark,
the sand smooth and warm and black.
I watch the icebergs floating in the lake,
small flowers in the myst. 

And I see you suddenly,
standing on the other side of the lake,
you smile,
forever that smile. 

The howls come from all around us,
these unknown screams
of monsters prowling the earth,
or just birds in distress. 

I look away,
I can see your agony,
but there is no way to cross this body of water
and now I can’t remember why I stopped.

I should be on my way,
I should be on the road. 


Music spark by Michael Marshall Smith